Change Print Profile Info on a Windows PC

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Learn how to change the saved print profile information on your Windows computer.


A printing profile allows you to store frequently used custom printer settings for later use.

The Profile tab provides an overview of any current and factory default settings saved for the printer. 

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Add a profile

 The images below are taken from the iP5000.

  1. Press and hold the Windows  key and type R. In the Run box, type control printers and select OK.

  2. Right-click on the icon for your printer and select (Printing) Preferences....
     You'll see either Preferences... or Printing Preferences... based on your version of Windows.

  3. Make desired setting changes in the printer driver.
    Only settings in the Main, Page Setup, Stamp/Background and Effects tabs can be saved in a Profile.

  4. Select the Profiles tab. The Profiles option appear.

  5. With the Current Settings chosen, select Add to Profiles...

  6. Type in a profile name (1 to 32 characters). It's helpful to name your profile according to the task you will use it for later.

  7. Select an optional icon from Icon.

  8. If necessary, type an explanation of the printing profile in the description text box (maximum 254 characters). Tap OK.

  9. The name and icon are added to the Printing Profiles list on the Profiles tab, and the explanation is entered in description will display.

    The Current Settings profile contains the settings currently applied in the Main, Page Setup, Stamp/Background and Effects tabs.
     The Default Settings profile contains the factory default settings. Details displays all the printer settings selected in Printing Profiles.

  10. Your custom setting is now registered as a printing profile.


Retrieve a custom profile setting

  1. Select the desired profile to retrieve it.

  2. Select Retrieve from Profiles.
     The contents of the Main, Page Setup, Stamp / Background and Effects tabs are changed if you select the printer settings in Printing Profiles. This button is disabled when Current Settings is selected.

  3. Select OK to confirm the changes.  or select Cancel to discard the changes and return to the Profiles tab.

  4. The profile has been changed and now displays in the Current Settings.

  5. Select here to return to the instructions to add a profile.


Remove a custom profile

  1. Select the profile name.

  2. Select Delete.

  3. Confirm or cancel the the removal of the settings when the screen below pops up. You can't delete Current Settings or Default Settings.

  4. The custom setting is removed from the Printing Profiles. Return to the instructions to add a profile.or retrieve a profile.

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