Change the number of copies (Windows)

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Change the number of copies (Windows)


Collate Print Copies

It may be necessary to print multiple copies and to print them in page order. Use the following procedure to specify the number of copies and printing order.

  1. Select the command you use to perform printing from the program you are using. (In general, select 'Print' on the File menu to open the Print dialog box.)

  2. Select your model name and click 'Preferences' (or 'Properties'). The printer driver setup window appears.

  3. On the Page Setup tab, click the up arrow to specify the number of copies. Alternatively, you can enter the number of copies directly in the Copies box.

  4. Increasing the number of copies to print, you can now select to collate or print in reverse order.
    1. To collate, place a checkmark in the box.

    2. Uncheck this check box to print all pages with the same page number together.

    3. To print in reverse order, select 'Print from Last Page' box to place a check in this box.

  5. Click 'OK'. The specified number of copies will be printed.

    Note: If you selected to change the number of copies from within the document, click 'OK' again.



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