Use Background Printing (Windows)

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Use Background Printing (Windows)


Use Background Printing (Windows)

Create your own letterhead and personal stationary by printing personalized images in the background. The driver includes several standard background images but you can add new ones as you wish by registering them with the driver (as bitmap files only).

Note: The Background Printing function is not available when any of the following functions or options is selected:

  • Grayscale Printing

  • Background Printing is disabled (In Windows Me or Windows 98)

    It is easy to confirm whether background printing is in progress. Open the printer driver's Properties dialog box, select Page Setup and click 'Printer Control'.

  1. Access the Printing Preferences / Properties by opening the Printer Properties.

  2. Click the Stamp/Background tab.

  3. Specify the 'Background Printing' settings.

    (1) Select this check box.

    (2) Select the Background.

    (3) Select this check box to print background only on the first page of document.

    (4) Click this button to open the Background Settings dialog box. You can change Layout Method, Intensity, and also add new backgrounds. For details, click Help and refer to the topic of this function.

  4. Click 'OK'.

  5. Click 'Print' in the Print dialog box. Printing will now begin.



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