Change Print Quality Settings - macOS X

Article ID: ART157929 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 03/02/2020


Learn how to change the print quality settings in the Canon printer driver for the macOS X.


Before you begin

Before your adjust printer settings for the macOS X®, be aware of the following:

  • The print quality setting controls how finely the ink droplets are placed on the printed page.

  • Higher quality doesn't always mean a better print because print quality also depends on the paper used.

  • Print speed decreases as the print quality setting increases.

Change the print quality settings

Follow these instructions to change the print settings:

  1. From the File menu of the application you're printing from, select Print to open the Print dialog box.

    Print selected from File menu
  2. In the Printer pop-up menu, select your printer model.

    Printer pop-up window with sample printer name selected
  3. Select Quality & Media.

    Quality & Media selected from the drop-down
  4. In the Print Mode section, select the Detailed Setting radio button.

    Detailed Setting radio button selected

  5. To adjust the balance of print quality and print speed, use the print quality slide bar.

    Note Move the slide bar to the right to improve print quality and reduce print speed. Move it to the left to increase print speed and reduce print quality.

    Print Quality slide bar shown - slide left for fast print or right for fine print
  6. Select Print to continue the print job.

    Print selected at bottom right of screen



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