Importing images using Easy-PhotoPrint

Article ID: ART158035 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Importing images using Easy-PhotoPrint


How to import images using Easy-PhotoPrint

There are two ways to import images using Easy-PhotoPrint:

  • - Import the JPEG images from the [1. Image Selection] tab directly
  • - Import images using ZoomBrowser EX (Windows only)

Importing the JPEG images from the [1. Image Selection] tab directly

1. In the [1. Image Selection] tab, select the folder that contains JPEG images.

2. The JPEG images in the selected folder are imported and displayed.

Note: JPEG is the only image format supported by Easy-PhotoPrint.
(Only JPEG image files are displayed in the Easy-PhotoPrint screen.)

Importing images using ZoomBrowser EX

1. Select the images using ZoomBrowser EX, select [Print] in the [File] menu, and then select [Easy-PhotoPrint].

2. The selected images are imported into Easy-PhotoPrint

Note: This function is supported by ZoomBrowser EX 3.3 or later.



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