Setting print layout using Easy-PhotoPrint

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Setting print layout using Easy-PhotoPrint


How to set the printing layout using Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x

To print using an image layout in Easy-PhotoPrint v2.x, perform the following procedures.

1. Select the image(s), and click the '3. Layout/Print' tab.

2. In the left frame in the Layout/Print sheet, select the layout style to use in printing.
    Note: The available selection of layouts may differ, depending on the printer, paper size,
     and paper type selected.

3. Confirm the selected layout in the Preview section on the right side.
    Memo: When printing on two or more pages, confirm the layout in the frame below Preview.

4. Trim or rotate the image if necessary, and click 'Print' when the desired layout is achieved.

5. In the Layout /Print sheet, click 'Print'.

6. Before printing starts, the following message is displayed.



7. Printing is started.
    When calling up Easy-PhotoPrint from ZoomBrowser EX after printing, the screen of ZoomBrowser
    EX is displayed.( ZoomBrowser EX available in Windows only)  
    Memo: To stop printing, click Cancel within five seconds
    Memo: If you wish to print immediately, hold the Shift key while clicking 'Print'.



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