Limit Bluetooth access to the printer via the Setup Utility

Article ID: ART158141 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Limit Bluetooth access to the printer via the Setup Utility


Limit Bluetooth Access to the Printer via the Setup Utility

  1. Select 'Start', 'All Programs', 'Canon Utility', and 'i80 Setup Utility' or double-click the i80 Setup Utility icon on the Desktop. 

    Note:  After completing the i80 Setup Utility installation, the i80 Setup Utility shortcut icon is created on the Desktop.

  2. In the i80 Setup Utility dialog box, click 'Change' in the Bluetooth settings section.

  3. Enter the passkey (an identification number) in the Enter Passkey dialog box.

  4. To enable "Refuse access," check 'Refuse access', and click 'Send'. "Refuse access" is enabled, and access from PCs other than those already set will be refused. To disable "Refuse access," deselect 'Refuse access', and click 'Send'. 

  5. At the start of data transmission, the message below will be displayed.

  6. When the settings are completed, the message below is displayed.  Click 'OK'.

  7. Performing access settings with Setup is completed.



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