How to perform fixed size printing using ImageBrowser

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How to perform fixed size printing using ImageBrowser


How to perform fixed size printing using ImageBrowser

Fixed size printing allows you to make all images a specific size in order to print as many images on a page as possible.

Note: When performing borderless printing, the use of Tiled photo printing instead of Fixed size printing is recommended.

1. Select the images you want to print in the browser window.

2. Select 'Print' from the File menu, and then select 'Layout printing'....

3. When the Print dialog box opens, select 'Print' from the File menu, and then select 'Layout Options'....

4. When the Layout Options dialog box opens, select 'Fixed photo size printing', and then click 'Next'.

5. Check the page setup, and then select the image print size in the Photo Size section.

Note: The paper size can be changed in the Page Setup dialog box.
Note: Even if 'Borderless' is selected as the paper size, borderless printing will not be performed.

6. When the aspect ratio of the actual image differs from that of the specified image in the Photo Size section, perform the procedures below.

  1. When 'Automatic Clipping' is selected, the specified photo size is given priority over the actual image, and part of the image will be trimmed.
  2. When 'Automatic Clipping' is not selected, the image is set to the largest size allowed for the specified photo size, and margins may appear.

    Note: Instead of trimming, the image is reduced or expanded based on either the length or width of the specified photo size.
    Note: The trimming setting for each image can be changed in the Print dialog box prior to printing.

7. Check the number of images that will be printed on the page in the Preview section, and then click 'OK'.

8. Return to the Print dialog box, and click the 'PRINT' icon to start printing.

Note: In the images above, Automatic Clipping is performed.

9. This completes the procedure to perform fixed size printing.



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