Confirm the MAC Address (Mac OS X)
Article ID: ART158158 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Confirm the MAC Address (Mac OS X)


Confirm the MAC Address (Mac OS X)

To confirm the MAC Address of the communicating printer, perform the following:

Note: Check that the printer is connected to the computer with a USB cable and that the power lamp lights in green.
Note: The MAC Address is a unique physical address. This is not alterable.

  1. On the desktop, double-click the icon of the hard disk with the printer driver installed, open Applications, i80/iP90 Setup Utility, and double-click the i80/iP90 Setup Utility icon.

  2. The i80/iP90 Setup Utility is launched. The MAC Address can be confirmed in Bluetooth Settings.

    Note: Even if the 'Change' button is pressed, the MAC Address cannot be changed.

  3. Confirming MAC Address is completed.