USB Cable Not Included

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USB Cable Not Included


USB Cable Not Included

USB Cable Not Included. USB cables are sold separately and can be purchased from most stores where printers are sold and are also available through Canon Sales.

When purchasing a cable:

  • Purchase a standard 'A to B' USB cable.

    Note: Connect the USB cable directly to the computer without the use of an adapter to ensure proper signal transmission.
  • Try to purchase a cable length that is adequate but not excessive in length.

    Note: Cables that are very long may cause slower printing or non-communication to the printer due to signal attenuation. Long cables can also pick up interference from other devices. Though longer cables may work, 6' (2 meter) USB cable is a good length for printing devices.
  • USB Full Speed and USB High Speed cables will work with any USB device as they are forward and backward compatible.

Canon Sales:

USB cables can be purchased directly through Canon by visiting or by calling toll-free (800)-385-2155 to speak with a sales representative.



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