Using Digital Face Smoothing manually in Easy-PhotoPrint

Article ID: ART158179 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


using Digital Face Smoothing manually in Easy-PhotoPrint


Using the Manual Digital Face Smoothing Function

Selecting 'Manual' from the 2. Enhancement tab in the Correction/Enhancement screen, you can manually select an area and perform the Digital Face Smoothing function on the area.

Note: To display the Correction/Enhancement screen, select an image to be enhanced from the 1. Image Selection tab or the 3. Layout/Print tab in the Print Setting screen and click 'Correct/Enhance'.

At the 2. Enhancement tab, select 'Manual' and click 'Digital Face Smoothing'.

Move the cursor over the image. The shape of the cursor changes to . Drag to select an area on which you want to perform the Digital Face Smoothing function. Click the 'OK' button that appears over the image. The Digital Face Smoothing function will be performed from the area to the periphery.


  • To undo the preceding enhancement operation, make sure that 'Digital Face Smoothing' on Manual is selected, and then click 'Undo' button.
  • You can drag to rotate the rectangle on which the enhancement is to be performed.
  • Effect levels can be changed from the standard level to Strong or Weak using the slide bar displayed below Digital Face Smoothing.



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