Printing borderless photos with Easy-PhotoPrint
Article ID: ART158283 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


How do I print a borderless image using Easy-PhotoPrint?


Printing Borderless Photos

There are 3 tabs for the Print Setting screen in Easy-PhotoPrint. You can print borderless photos with less effort by following the guidance displayed at the top of the screen, and performing the tasks from the 3 tabs in order.

Selecting a Photo

1. Select 'Start', '(All) Programs', 'Canon Utilities', 'Easy-PhotoPrint', then 'Easy-PhotoPrint'. Easy-PhotoPrint will start and the 1. Image Selection tab will be displayed.

2. Select the folder containing the JPEG image you want to print from the folder window.
Thumbnails of the JPEG images in the folder will be displayed.

3. Click either the thumbnail or of an image you want to print. The background of the photo you have selected will turn gray and the number of copies will be displayed as "1" below the image. You can continue to select other images. To print 2 or more copies, click the same the number of times as the number of copies you want. To reduce the number of copies, click .

  • Clicking 'Zoom in' after clicking the image, or simply double-clicking the image will display the enlarged image in a separate window.
  • The thumbnail size can be changed with Thumbnail Size in the View menu.
  • Clicking 'Select All' after selecting the folder will allow you to select 1 image each of all images in the folder.
  • Clicking 'Clear All' will reset the number of images for all to "0".

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Selecting the Paper

1. Click the '2. Paper Selection' tab. The 2. Paper Selection tab will be displayed.

2. Select the printer being used from Printer.

3. Select the size of the paper from Paper Size.

4. Select the type of media being used from Media Type.

5. Select the type of paper source from Paper Source.

  • The paper sizes and media types shown may differ depending on the printer being used.
  • The paper sources may differ depending on the printer and the selected media type.
  • If you have selected a duplex-compliant paper (for example, Photo Paper Plus Double Sided), Easy-PhotoPrint automatically sets the print mode to duplex.

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1. Click the '3. Layout/Print' tab. The 3. Layout/Print tab will be displayed.

2 Select the desired layout from Layout.

Note: The layouts that can be selected may differ depending on the printer, paper size, and media type being used.

3. Click 'Print'.

Note: Various print settings can be made in the Preferences dialog box. The Preferences dialog box is displayed by choosing 'Preferences'... from the File menu in the Print Setting screen. Please refer to Help for details on the settings.

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