Procedure for setting Long Shutter mode PowerShot SD200, SD300, SD400, SD430, SD450, SD600, SD630, and SD700 IS

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Procedure for setting Long Shutter mode PowerShot SD200, SD300, SD400, SD430, SD450, SD600, SD630, and SD700 IS


Shooting in Long Shutter Mode

This shooting mode makes use of very slow shutter speeds. A tripod or other very stable support must be used to ensure images are not blurred due to camera shake.

You can set the shutter speed to a slow setting to make dark subjects appear brighter.

  1. With the camera set to (Rec.) press the <MENU> button.

  2. Use the or buttons to select [Long Shutter].

  3. Use the or button to select [On].

  4. Press the <MENU> button again to return to the Rec. screen.

  5. Press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  6. In the FUNC. menu, select * and press the <MENU> button.
    *The current setting is displayed.

  7. Use the or button to select a shutter speed.

    • The higher the value, the brighter the image and the lower the value, the darker the image.
    • You can shoot right after selecting a value. The menu displays again after the shot, allowing you to change the settings easily.

  8. Press the <FUNC./SET> button to return to the normal Rec. screen.

To Cancel the Long Shutter mode

While [Long Shutter] is displayed in the [FUNC.] menu, press the <MENU> button.

The nature of CCD image sensors is such that noise in the recorded image increases at long shutter speeds. This camera, however, applies special processing to images shot at shutter speeds slower than 1.3 seconds to eliminate the noise, thereby producing high-quality images. As a result, a certain amount of processing time may be required before the next image can be shot.
  • This function is only available in the mode.
  • Use the LCD monitor to confirm that the image was recorded at the desired brightness.
  • Use of the flash may result in an over-exposed image. If that occurs, shoot with the flash set to .
  • The following settings are unavailable:
    - Exposure Compensation
    - Light Metering
    - AE Lock
    - FE Lock
    - ISO speed (AUTO)
    - Flash (Auto), (Red-Eye Reduction)
  • Available Shutter Speeds
    The following shutter speeds (in seconds) are available.
    1, 1.3, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15



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