Apply the button manager to the current user account (Mac)

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Apply the button manager to the current user account


Applying the Button Manager to the Current User Account (Mac)

When using Mac OS X Native mode with multiple user accounts, the scanner buttons on the scanner's front panel are limited for use only with the user account which was used to install the scanner driver.  In order to use the scanner buttons with another user account, you will need to run the SetButton program from the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM.

  1. Place the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM in the drive.

  2. Double-click on the CanoScan CD icon.

  3. Double-click appropriate folder listed below.

    Scanner Model Folder to double-click
    LiDE 20 MacOS X
    LiDE 30 MacOS X
    LiDE 35 Media
    LiDE 50 MacOS X
    LiDE 80 MacOS X
    5000F MacOS X
    8000F MacOS X
    8400F Media
    9900F MacOS X
    3200F Media\OS X\

  5. Double-click the 'SetButton' icon to execute the command, and then reboot.

  6. Once done, the buttons should now work for that user.

Note:  This procedure may need to be repeated for other existing or added user accounts.



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