Charge the battery i70 / i80 / iP90
Article ID: ART158482 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Instructions to charge the battery without the cradle.


Charge the Battery Without the Cradle

About 450 copies (Conditions: The battery pack is charged fully at a room temperature of 25?C and 500 characters are continuously printed on each A4-size plain paper in the standard mode with USB interface used.) The number of printable copies per charge varies depending on the type of the data to be printed and the ambient temperature. The battery pack is a consumable product, so the number of printable copies per charge becomes smaller over time.

When charging without the cradle (sold separately):

  1. Fully insert the AC plug of the Universal AC Adapter into the power source.

  2. Fully insert the DC plug of the Universal AC Adapter into the battery charger's AC Adapter Connector.

    AC Adapter Connector (Battery Charger):

    Note:  Before the Universal AC Adapter is inserted into the battery charger, be sure that the battery pack is installed in the battery charger.  If the battery pack is attached or removed after the Universal AC Adapter is connected, the charging process may not start. In such case, remove and reconnect the Universal AC Adapter.

  3. The three charge lamps start blinking simultaneously and the battery charging process starts. (For the charge lamp position, see the image below.)

    Charge Lamp (Battery Charger):

    Note:  It normally takes about two hours to fully recharge the battery pack when one charge lamp blinks.   Although the printer can be used while charging the battery pack, the charging process is interrupted during printing, extending the charging time by the amount of time the printer was used.


Charge Lamps



All three blinking

Charging in progress


All three lit

Charging almost complete


All three unlit

Charging complete

When the three charge lamps change from lit to unlit, the battery charging process is completed.


  • Charge the battery in a location where the temperatures are between 5 to 35 degrees Celsius (41 F to 95 F).  If outside this range, charging may not be possible, or charging performance may be affected.
  • In a low temperature environment, the charging process may require more time.
  • During the battery charging process, even if the printer is powered off, the charge lamps may blink or light to indicate that charging is being performed.