Installing the printer driver after download (Mac OS X )

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Install the printer driver after download (Mac OS X )


How to install the printer driver after download (Mac OS X )

To enable printing, it is necessary to copy (install) the printer driver to the hard disk of the computer.

The install screens for earlier versions Of Mac OS X will be the same but not in the same order as far as authentication, license agreement, etc.

  • When Mac OS X is shared by multiple users (accounts), first, log in as an Administrator.
  • If anti-virus software or system-resident programs have been installed in the computer, close them before installing the drivers and applications.
  • Do not remove and re-insert the USB cable during the following procedures as this may cause the Macintosh computer or the printer to operate improperly:
    • While Mac OS is launching after the printer is powered on
    • During printer driver installation
    • During printing
  1. Connect the printer to the computer with the USB cable. Confirm that the printer is powered on.

  2. Open the decompressed folder, and double-click the Setup or Canon xxx.pkg icon.

  3. The window to check whether the printer driver can be installed is displayed. Click 'Continue'.

  4. In the installation screen, click 'Continue'.

  5. Read the Software License Agreement carefully, and click 'Continue'.

    Depending on the type or version of the printer driver, the Important Information window is displayed before the Software License Agreement window appears. Read it carefully, and click 'Continue'.

  6. Click 'Agree'. Choosing 'Disagree' will prevent the driver from being installed.

  7. Select a destination volume to be installed, and click 'Continue'.

  8. Click 'Install'.

  9. The authentication window is displayed. Enter the administrator name and the password in the 'Name' and 'Password' boxes, and click 'OK'.

    Note: Click the icon "A," and the Help files will be displayed.

  10. The following message is displayed. When you install the software now, click 'Continue Installation'.

  11. The printer driver installation will start.

  12. When the installation is completed, click 'Restart'.

  13. Installing the printer driver is completed.

    Note: If the installation is not successfully completed, re-install the software.



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