Banner Printing MP730 / MP700

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Banner Printing MP730


Printing a banner

Using banner paper, you can make long printed materials such as banners.When printing a banner, be aware of the following limitations:

  • You can print a banner from two to six sheets in length.
  • Banner printing consumes large quantities of ink. You will not be able to change an ink tank during printing, so check the ink supply before printing and load new ink tanks if required.
  • In the application you will use to print your document, make sure the number of copies to print is set to 1. The banner will not print correctly if you specify more than one copy.
  • When banner printing is selected, some settings may not be available.


  1. Cut the banner paper one sheet longer than the document requires.

  2. Insert the banner paper into the printer with the print side face-up.

  3. Gently hold the sheet of paper in place until paper feeding begins.

To select banner printing and start printing, in the 'Printer Properties' dialog box, on the 'Page Setup' tab, follow the steps below:

  1. On the 'Main' tab, in 'Media Type', select 'Plain Paper'.
    NOTE: You cannot perform banner printing if you do not select 'Plain Paper'.

  2. In 'Printing Type', select 'Banner Printing'.

  3. If a message appears, click 'OK'.

  4. In the 'Printer Properties' dialog box, click 'OK'.

  5. In the 'Print' dialog box, click 'Print' or 'OK' If a dialog box prompting you to confirm your settings appears, click 'OK'.



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