Checking Bluetooth settings with the setup utility - Mac

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Checking Bluetooth settings with the setup utility - Mac


Checking the Settings Using the Canon xxxx Setup Utility

The Canon xxxx Setup Utility ("xxxx" refers to the Model) software is used to specify a media type, paper size, and so on when printing from a PictBridge compliant device or via infrared communication. Install the printer driver in the Easy install mode from the Setup Software & User's Guide CD-ROM and the Canon xxxx Setup Utility will also be installed automatically.

This section describes the procedures for checking the settings of the Bluetooth unit using the Canon xxxx Setup Utility as preparation for Bluetooth printing.

Note: The Canon xxxx Setup Utility is used to set up the media type, size and print layout to print via infrared communication such as the PDA or a mobile phone. For more information on settings for printing via infrared communication, refer to the User's Guide.

1. Check that the printer (with the BU-10 Bluetooth adapter installed) is connected to the computer with a USB cable, and that the printer is on.

2. Double-click the 'Applications' folder in the hard disk where the printer driver is installed, then 'Canon xxxx Setup Utility' folder, and then the 'Canon xxxx Setup Utility' icon. The Canon xxxx Setup Utility will start.

3. Select the 'Bluetooth Settings' tab, and then click 'Change' in Bluetooth Settings page.

Note: If the Bluetooth Settings feature does not appear on the Canon xxxx Setup Utility screen, the Bluetooth unit may not be installed correctly.

4. Enter a passkey.

The passkey is an identification number to be determined by the user. It is used to prevent interference from other Bluetooth devices. Enter the initial value, 0000, and click 'OK'.

5. Check the Model.

The Model is necessary to register the printer as a Bluetooth device using the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. Be sure to note the Model.

Note: To register and use multiple units, changing the model name is recommended for easy identification of the printer you will use. Model names can be changed using a maximum of 24 characters. After changing the model name, click 'Send'.

6. After checking the model name, click 'Cancel', and 'Close' on the Canon xxxx Setup Utility.



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