Procedure for setting Digital Zoom PowerShot A520

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Procedure for setting Digital Zoom PowerShot A520


Digital Zoom

When the LCD monitor is on, images can be zoomed with the combined optical and digital zoom functions as follows (figures are approximate):

5.7 times, 7.1 times, 8.9 times, 11 times, and 14 times

1. Press the <DISP.> button to turn the LCD monitor on.

2. Turn the shooting mode dial to any Shooting mode except for or .

3. In the [ (Rec.)] menu, select (Digital Zoom).

4. Select [On] using the or button and press the <MENU> button.

5. Press the zoom lever toward and hold it.

  • The lens will zoom to the maximum optical telephoto setting and stop. Release the lever and press it toward again to further zoom the image digitally.
  • Press the lever toward to zoom back out.

6. Shoot the image.

  • Shooting procedures are the same as for the mode.

  • The digital zoom cannot be used when the LCD monitor is off.

  • Images become coarser the more they are digitally zoomed.
  • Since camera shake may become a factor when using the digital zoom, the use of a tripod is recommended.
  • Digital Zoom is disabled when the [Postcard Print Mode] is selected as a image quality setting.



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