Changing WPA settings - Windows

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Changing WPA settings - Windows


Changing the WPA Detailed Settings

1. Select the printer in Printer that can be used.

2. Select 'Configuration' from the Settings menu.

3. Click the 'Wireless LAN' tab.

4. Select 'Use WPA' in Encryption Method and click 'Configuration'.

5. Click 'Change Settings'.

(1) Authentication Type
Displays the type of authentication used for client authentication.

(2) Dynamic Encryption Type
Displays the type of dynamic encryption.

(3) Change Settings
Displays a dialog box to change WPA settings.

6. Check the client authentication type and click 'Next'.

(1) Authentication Type
Type of authentication used for client authentication is displayed.

Type of authentication which does not use mutual authentication

7. Enter the passphrase, confirm the type of dynamic encryption and click 'Next'.

(1) Passphrase
Enter the passphrase set to the access point. The passphrase should be a string of 8 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a 64-digit hexadecimal value.

(2) Dynamic Encryption Type
Type of dynamic encryption is displayed.

TKIP(Basic Encryption)
Basic encryption which renews the encryption key at a specific time interval

8. Click 'Finish'.



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