Remove the film and reposition it in the Film Guide (LiDE 500F)
Article ID: ART158980 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 12/21/2015


Remove the film and reposition it in the Film Guide (LiDE 500F)


Preparing to Scan Film (LiDE 500F)

This scanner can scan 35 mm film strips one frame at a time. Use the following procedures to place the Film Adapter Unit and the Film Guide on the document glass, and to insert the film in the Film Guide.

* Clean the document glass before placing the Film Guide on it, otherwise dirt and dust can affect image quality or damage the film.
* Use a blower brush to remove any dust from the film, which will affect the image quality, and take care to hold the film by its edges to avoid transferring dirt or fingerprints to it.
* You cannot scan film with the scanner in the upright position.

Connecting the FAU cable to the scanner

Connect the cable for the Film Adapter Unit to the FAU connector on the scanner's side panel.


Positioning the Film Guide

Open the document cover and place the Film Guide on the document glass of the scanner.
  Align the two film guide tabs over the slots at the document glass edge.
When opening the document cover, support it with your hand until it stops.


Placing film in the Film Guide

Place the film face up in the Film Guide (images and words should read correctly from above) with the spaces between frames aligned with the white lines on the guide.

Positioning the Film Adapter Unit (FAU)

Once the preparations for film scanning are complete, use the following procedures to position the Film Adapter Unit over the frame you wish to scan.


Remove the CAP from the Film Adapter Unit and gently set the unit over the frame you wish to scan.

Position the Film Adapter Unit so that its alignment tab is aligned with the Film Guide.

* Do not move the Film Adapter Unit once it has been placed on the Film Guide. Sliding it may scratch the film.

Be careful not to lose the CAP or to allow dirt into it after you remove it.


Closing the Document Cover

Gently close the document cover.
* The document cover does not touch the document glass completely. Be careful not to force the document cover down.