Print directly from a Canon Bubble Jet Direct camera i70 / i80 / iP90.

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Print directly from a Canon Bubble Jet Direct camera i70 / i80 / iP90.


Perform Direct Printing from a Canon digital camera.

Note:  The  remaining ink warning can not be displayed through the camera.

  1. To display the images to print, set the digital camera to replay mode. 

    Note:  If the replay mode does not start, switch to the replay mode following the directions in the manual packaged with the digital camera. 

  2. Press the digital camera's <Set> button to display the Print menu. 

  3. Select 'Style' and specify the paper size, borderless or bordered printing, and the date printing on or off setting. 

  4. After specifying the style, select 'Print' and then press the <Set> button to start printing.

    Note:  When performing Direct Printing from a digital camera or digital video camera, error messages may be displayed on the device.  The displayed error messages and the procedure to correct are as follows:

Camera Error Message

 Possible Cause

Possible Solution

Printer in use

Images are being printed from the computer.

Wait until printing ends.

Printer warming up

The printer is warming up.

 Wait until warm-up ends.

No Paper

 No paper is loaded.

Load the paper in the printer and press the Resume/Cancel button on the printer.

Paper Jam

A paper jam has occurred in the printer.

Remove the jammed paper, load new paper, and press the <Resume/Cancel> button.

Printer cover open

The print head cover is open.

Close the print head cover.

No print head

No print head is installed. (The Power lamp on the printer flashes six times)

 Install the print head according to the Easy Setup Instructions.

No print head

The print head is defective. (The Power lamp on the printer flashes six times)

 The print head may have problems. Contact the Customer Care center.

Waste tank full

The waste ink absorber (the waste ink tank) is nearly full. *

Press the Resume/Cancel button on the printer to recover from the error.  Printing is possible for a while. Contact the Customer Care Center as soon as possible.

No Ink

An ink tank is not installed.

Install an ink tank. Be sure to press on the <Push> mark of the ink tank to ensure it is firmly seated.
A printer problem has occurred The remaining battery power is insufficient (The printer's power lamp blinks 10 times)
  1. Turn the printer off.

  2. Connect the packaged Universal AC Adapter, or install a fully-charged battery.

  3. Turn the printer on.
A printer problem has occurred

An error requiring service has occurred.  (The printer's power lamp in orange and green blinks alternately.)

  1. Turn the printer off

  2. Remove and re-connect the power plug

  3. Turn the printer on again. 

    If the problem persists, contact the Canon Customer Care center.

* The waste ink absorber (the waste ink tank) is a part in the printer that absorbs ink used in operations such as print head cleaning.  If this error has occurred, service of the printer may be required.



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