Setting Digital Macro mode PowerShot SD400, SD430, SD450, SD600, and SD630

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Setting Digital Macro mode PowerShot SD400, SD430, SD450, SD600, and SD630


Magnified Close-Up Shooting (Digital Macro)

Use this mode to shoot a subject in the range of 3 to 10 cm (1.2 to 3.9 in.) from the end of the lens (zoom fixed at maximum wide angle). Since this mode trims all but the image center and magnifies it with the digital zoom, you can make a subject appear even larger than in the normal macro mode.

Images can be zoomed to the following powers in the digital macro mode.

Approx. 1.3x, 1.6x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.1x, 4.0x

  • The digital macro mode cannot be used when the LCD monitor is turned off (The PowerShot SD630's LCD cannot be turned off).
  • Be careful not to bang the lens against the subject when shooting in macro mode.
  1. Press the <DISP.> button to turn on the LCD monitor.

  2. Press the <FUNC./SET> button to display the function menu.

  3. In the FUNC. menu, select .

    You can shoot right after selecting an option. The menu displays again after the shot, allowing you to change the settings easily.

  4. Press the <FUNC./SET> button. The display will return to the shooting screen and will appear on the LCD monitor.

  5. Use the zoom lever adjust the zoom to achieve the desired composition.

The image area at the maximum digital zoom setting is 9 x 7 mm (0.35 x 0.28 in.).



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