Perform deep print head cleaning iP6000D

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Perform print head cleaning iP6000D


Deep Print Head Cleaning

Print the nozzle check pattern in order to confirm that ink is ejected properly from the print head's nozzle.

  1. Confirm that the printer is powered on.

  2. Press the <Menu> button and use the left and right cursor buttons to select [Tool Box] on the right and then press the <OK> button.

  3. Use the up and down cursor buttons to select [Deep cleaning] and then press the <OK> button.

  4. Use the up and down cursor buttons to select [Yes] and then press the <OK> button.  (The Power lamp will blink and print head cleaning will start.)

  5. The Power lamp will continue to blink as the cleaning is performed.

    Note:  Do not perform any other operations until the print head cleaning finishes. This takes about one minute to complete.  Cleaning is completed when the Power light stops blinking and remains lit solid green.

  6. Press the <Cancel> button on the operation panel and print the nozzle check pattern by holding down the <Resume> button on the printer until the Power light flashes twice.


    Lines are completely drawn in the pattern.

    No white streaks.

    Error A:  No colors are printed. (Nothing appears on the output.)

    Error B:  Some colors of ink are not ejected completely.

    (A sample in which no black ink is ejected onto the paper.)

    Error C:  There are some white streaks.

  7. If the Nozzle Check Pattern does not print correctly, execute up to two more Deep Print Head Cleanings. 



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