Sending a fax using directory dialing on B95

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Sending a fax using directory dialing on B95


Sending Using Directory Dialing

This feature is convenient when you know the other party's name bur cannot recall the one-touch speed dialing button or the coded speed dialing where the number is registered. This procedure can also be used to look up the other party's name and retrieve the number for dialing.

See below for B95 Operation Panel

  1. Lift up the document tray.

  2. Insert the top of the document, face up, into the ADF (1) until a beep is heard.

  3. Adjust the document guide to the width of the document.

  4. Press <Coded Dial/Directory> twice.

  5. Press a numeric button to enter the first letter of the party's name you are searching for.

  6. Press [<] or [>] to display the other names and numbers registered for the button letter group.

    * The names for one-touch speed dialing numbers are prefixed with two digits and the names for coded speed dialing numbers are prefixed with an asterisk (*) and two digits.

    * When you reach the last name and number registered for the letter group, you will return to the first name and number in the group.

    * If the LCD does not change after you press [<] or [>], this means only one name and number is registered for the button you just pressed.

    * Press <Redial/Pause> to switch between the name and number on the LCD.

  7. With the telephone number you want to dial displayed, press <Start/Copy> to start the document transmission.

FAXPHONE B95 Operator Panel

Click on either One-touch or TAM buttons for detailed information.

One-touch Buttons


TAM Buttons




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