Clean Inside the Printer iP1500

Article ID: ART159793 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Clean Inside the Printer iP1500


Clean Inside the Printer

With the printer powered off, open the print head cover and clean the printer:

Note:  If the print head cover is opened with the printer powered on, the print head holder will move, which may cause injury, or damage to the printer. 

  1. Using a cotton swab or similar item, carefully wipe off ink droplets on the protruding ribs and their edges.  Clean the area around the protruding ribs indicated by the arrows.

  2. Clean the encircled ribs.

    Note:  When cleaning the printer, do not touch the film or the white grease.  If you touch the film or spread the grease to other parts, it may cause damage to the printer.  If you touched the grease continue cleaning after washing your hands.

    Note:  Be careful not to touch film parts or the white grease on the shaft. 

    <1> Timing Film slit strip        
    <2> Shaft 



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