Procedure for downloading images into ZoomBrowser using a card reader

Article ID: ART159853 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 11/16/2015


Procedure for downloading images into ZoomBrowser using a card reader


Downloading Images to the Computer using a card reader

Insert the memory card into the reader. Use a separately sold card adapter (PCMCIA adapter) if required. See the manual for the memory card for its connection and handling instructions.

Use the following procedures to start ZoomBrowser EX and display the Camera Window.

1. Double-click the ZoomBrowser EX icon on the desktop.

2. Click 'Camera & Memory Card' when ZoomBrowser EX starts.

3. Click 'Browse & Download Images' in the next menu.

This will display the Camera Window. The memory card images will display as thumbnails (tiny versions) in the Camera Window.

4. Click on images in the Camera Window that you wish to download. The background color of the selected images will change to orange.

If you are downloading images previously selected with the camera's [Transfer Order] setting, click 'Select' and select 'Select Send Mark'.

5. Click 'Download Image'.

A Download Settings dialog allowing you to select the image destination folder will display.

6. Confirm the destination folder and click 'OK'.

At this point the Camera Window will close and the Main Window will open. The downloaded images will appear in the Main Window.



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