Removing paper jams B95

Article ID: ART159923 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 12/28/2015


Removing paper jams B95.


Paper Jams

Remove paper jams from the machine?s interior when the machine displays [CLEAR PAPER JAM].

  1. Gently pull any jammed paper out of the fax as shown, then press <Stop>.
    1. Pull the jammed paper gently in either direction.
    2. If paper cannot be pulled out, proceed to step 2.

  2. Open the document tray.

  3. Gently pull the document guides to remove the gray cover under the document tray.

  4. Gently remove the jammed paper inside the fax.

  5. Reattach the gray cover to the fax.
    Insert the lower tabs (1), then the upper tabs (2) into the corresponding slots.

  6. Press <Stop>.
    The fax returns to standby mode.



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