Clean inside the MP130

Article ID: ART160134 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Cleaning inside the MP130.


Cleaning Inside of the Machine

  1. Power off the machine first, and then open the scanner unit to clean the interior of the main body.

    NOTE: If the printer is powered on, and the front cover is opened, the print head holder will move automatically to the center, possibly causing injury or damage.

  2. Using a cotton swab, carefully clean the ink around the protruding ribs. Clean the area around the protruding ribs indicated by the arrows.

  3. Clean the encircled ribs. (Refer to the enlarged photograph of the ribs.) Carefully clean the ink around the ribs.

    NOTE: If the interior of the main body is too dark to look at for your work, please use a penlight or a flashlight illuminating the interior of the main body.

CAUTION: While you are cleaning, please do not touch the white grease (2) or the clear plastic film-like strip (1). If the grease gets on other parts, or if you touch the film-like strip, it may cause problems. If get grease on your hands, please wash your hands carefully, and then clean again.



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