How Manual Exposure (M) mode works.

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How Manual Exposure (M) mode works.


In this mode, you set the shutter speed and aperture value as desired. To determine the exposure, refer to the exposure level indicator in the viewfinder or use a handheld exposure meter. This method is called manual exposure.

M stands for manual.

1. Set the Mode Dial to <M>.
2. Select the desired shutter speed.
  • Turn the <> dial to set the desired shutter speed.
3. Select the desired aperture value.
  • Set the <> switch to <>, and while looking at the LCD panel, turn the <> dial.
4. Focus on the subject.
  • Press the shutter button down halfway.
  • The exposure setting will be displayed.
  • The exposure level icon <> lets you see how far you are from the standard exposure level.
5. Determine the exposure.
  • Check the exposure level and set the desired shutter speed and aperture value.

: Standard exposure level.

: To set it to the standard exposure level, set a slower shutter speed or a larger aperture.

: To set it to the standard exposure level, set a faster shutter speed or a smaller aperture.

- 6. Shoot.
If the exposure level mark <> blinks at the <> or <> level, it indicates that the difference between the standard exposure exceeds +/- 2 stops.



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