Setting up the scanner to scan film (8000F)

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Setting up the scanner to scan film (8000F)


Setting up the Scanner to Scan Film

You can scan 35 mm films (strips or slides) with this scanner.

Positioning the Film

Use the following procedures to insert the film into the Film Guide.

  • Make sure that the FAU Cable is connected to the FAU connector on the back of the scanner.
  1. To remove the protective sheet from the document cover, slide the protective sheet up and out to free it from the tabs at the top. pull the sheet outward and detach it.
    Slide the sheet up again and out to free it from the tabs at the bottom.

    To replace the protective sheet, fit the holes at the bottom end of the protective sheet over the posts at the bottom of the document cover and slide the protective sheet down.  Repeat the procedure for the top end.

    • Store the protective sheet in a safe place so that it will not get bent or broken.
    • Always replace the protective sheet when you are not scanning film to prevent the light source section from getting scratched.


  2. Insert the film into the Film Guide.

    35mm Film Strips
    Open the Film Holder on the Film Guide, place the film face down and close the Film Holder.

    • Place a black piece of paper over any gap to shield the light if you are inserting a film strip with 5 or fewer frames, or if the edge of a scanned image appears whitened.

    35mm Slides
    Place a slide or slides face down (correctly viewed from below) in the Film Guide as shown in the diagram.


  3. Place the loaded film guide on the scanner platen.
    Align the Film Guide's tab with the FILM symbol on the document glass of the scanner.

    • Do not block the calibration slot on the film guide when you are scanning film. Colors will not scan correctly if the calibration slot is obstructed.
  1. Close the document cover.



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