How to use the wireless remote control with the PowerShot G6

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How to use the wireless remote control with the PowerShot G6


Using the Wireless Controller

Installing the Battery

Install the date battery (CR2025) into the Wireless Controller WL-DC100 before use.

Be particularly careful to keep the date batteries out of the reach of children. Seek medical assistance immediately if a child swallows a battery since corrosive battery fluids could damage the stomach or intestinal wall.

  1. Place your fingertip on and press it in the direction of the arrow while placing another fingertip on and removing the battery holder.

  2. Place the date battery in the battery holder with the negative terminal (-) facing up. Then replace the battery holder into the wireless controller.

Removing the Battery

To remove the date battery, pull it in the direction of the arrow.

If you ever dispose of your camera, first remove the date battery for recycling according to the recycling system of your country.


The wireless controller can be used to shoot or play back. The wireless controller can be operated from an approximate distance of up to 5 m (16.4 ft.) from the front remote sensor (2) and approximately 1 m (3.3 ft.) from the side remote sensor (1).

  • Shooting

- Press the / button on the camera until the icon appears in the display panel, then shoot the image.

  • Playback

appears on the display panel.

The operable range of the wireless controller will shorten under the following circumstances.
  • When the wireless controller is used at an angle to the remote sensor.
  • When strong light strikes the camera.
  • When the battery is weak.
  • The movie editing and printing functions are not available.
  • When you fix the camera to a tripod and shoot still images, aim the remote controller's transmitter at remote sensor 1 to operate the camera from the side without touching the camera. This prevents camera shake when shooting just like using a remote release. You should set [Wireless Delay] in the Rec. menu to [0 sec.] when you use this method.



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