Method to exit the Electronic Registration PIXMA Printers

Article ID: ART160481 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Method to exit the Electronic Registration PIXMA Printers


Exiting the Electronic Registration

When installing the printer driver and software through the master setup routine of the Setup Software and User's Guide CD-ROM, the electronic registration process is difficult to abort for customers with a dial-up connection.  Folow the instructions below to exit the Electronic Registration:

  1. When the Dial-up Connection screen appears, click 'Cancel' if the customer does not want to register at this time.

  2. After a few seconds (don't click 'Continue'), the screen below will appear. Click 'Manual Retry'.

  3. Click 'Continue' on the Manual Retry screen.

  4. Click 'Close' to exit the electronic registration.

    Note: An alternative method for aborting the electronic registration would be right-click the Dial-up Connection and Usereg icons in the Windows taskbar, and then click 'Close' on the menus that appear.



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