Procedure for printing from ImageBrowser

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Procedure for printing from ImageBrowser


Printing Images

1. Select the image(s) you wish to print. A blue frame appears around selected images.

Movie images cannot be printed.

2. Click the 'Print' button and select 'Layout printing' from the displayed menu.

This displays the Layout Options dialog and the Print window.

3. Confirm that 'Custom layout printing' is selected and click 'Next'.

  • Selecting the 'Custom layout printing' option allows you to freely specify the image size and position for printing.
  • Selecting an alternative option allows you to print the images in an index or in a tiled arrangement.
  • The 'Canon perforated paper printing' option can only be selected with Mac OS 9.

4. Select settings, such as the paper size, and click 'OK'.

This will close the Layout Options dialog and allow you to change the layout and print settings in the Print window.

The settings available in Step 4 will vary according to the type of layout selected in Step 3.

5. Adjust the page layout in the Print window if you wish.

See Print Window Features (below) for information about changing layouts.

6 Click the 'Print' button in the Print window.

This will display the Print dialog.

7. Click 'OK' to start printing.

  • You can start an index print by selecting 'Index printing' in Step 2.
  • Images shot with Exif 2.2-compliant cameras (Exif Prints) incorporate information about the shooting settings, such as the camera modes and settings. Better prints can be made by using this information to correct the image. You can set this function by clicking the 'ImageBrowser' menu and selecting 'Preferences' (in Mac OS 9, click the 'Edit' menu to select 'Preferences'), followed by 'Print' in the list box and 'Image Correction Settings'.

Print Window Features

When the 'Custom layout printing' option is selected in the Layout Options window, you can freely change the size and position of the images for printing.



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