Load Paper Into Cassette iP3000 / iP4000 /iP5000 / iP8500

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Instructions to load paper into the Cassette for the iP3000 / iP4000 / iP5000 / iP8500


Load Paper into Cassette

Instructions to load paper into the Cassette

Set paper vertically in the cassette regardless of printing orientation.

Credit Card size paper cannot be fed from the cassette.  Use the Sheet Feeder to feed this paper type.

Note:  Set envelopes with their flaps closed and facing up.  If the paper is curled, bend the paper in the opposite direction, and avoid leaving ripples in the paper surface.

  1. Pull out the cassette and remove the cover. 

  2. Pinch the tab and extend the cassette depending on the paper sizes set. 

    Note:  When loading A5- or larger sized paper (nonstandard-size paper: 203 mm or longer in length), extend the cassette.  When loading 5" x 7"- or smaller sized paper (nonstandard-size paper: 202 mm or shorter in length), do not extend the cassette

  3. Set paper vertically in the cassette, with the print side facing down and with the paper top in the back. 

  4. Set paper, aligned with the right side of the Cassette. 

  5. Slide the paper guides to fit the loaded paper stack. 

  6. Set the cover on the cassette and insert the cassette into the printer.  Push the Cassette all the way into the printer. 

  7. Open the paper output tray and extend the extension. 

  8. Press the Paper Feed switch to light the Cassette lamp.

    Note:  When the printer driver is set to a setting other than Paper Feed Switch in the Main tab, the printer driver setting is given priority.

Remove printed sheets (plain paper / High Resolution Paper) before the 50-sheet limit is reached, and printed sheets (when using other paper) before the respective sheet limit is reached.  (If the output paper is curled, remove them sheet-by-sheet.)

For the following paper, remove them from the paper output tray sheet by sheet.

. Glossy Photo Paper

. Photo Paper Plus Glossy (A4 size only)

. Matte Photo Paper

. Transparencies

. T-Shirt Transfers

. Photo Paper Pro

. Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss

. Photo Paper Plus Double Sided

. Photo Stickers



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