Procedure for using Manual Mode PowerShot S60 and S70

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Procedure for using Manual Mode PowerShot S60 and S70


M: Manually Setting the Shutter Speed and Aperture

You can manually set the shutter speed and aperture to achieve a particular effect. This is convenient for shooting fireworks and other images where it is difficult to set the correct exposure automatically.

1. Turn the shooting mode dial to M.

2. Select a shutter speed using the left or right arrow on the omni selector.

3. Select an aperture value using the up or down arrow on the omni selector.

5. Shoot the image.

When you press the shutter button halfway, a number indicating the difference between the standard exposure* and the selected exposure appears on the LCD monitor (or viewfinder). If the difference is more than +/-2 steps, -2 or +2 appears.

* The standard exposure is calculated by the AE function according to the selected metering mode.

  • The LCD monitor' s brightness matches the selected shutter speed and aperture value. When you select a fast shutter speed or shoot a subject in a dark place and set the flash to (Red-Eye Reduction, Flash On) or (Flash On) the LCD monitor will always light up.



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