Using Standby and VCR Stop modes with the XL2 camcorder

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Using Standby and VCR Stop modes with the XL2 camcorder


Power Saving Mechanisms

Power Save Function (VCR Stop mode)


Pressing the <STANDBY> button for more than 1 second in record pause or VCR STOP mode activates the power save mode ( ENTERING POWER STANDBY appears). This shuts the power down to the camera and VCR sections while maintaining the camera settings. The camcorder retains the settings of exposure lock and color bars. Press the <STANDBY> button again to turn the camcorder back on.

Power Save Function (VCR Stop mode)

The camcorder activates the power save function after 5 minutes in record pause mode to protect tape and video heads. You have the option to set the camcorder to shut off (SHUT OFF) or to turn off the VCR section leaving the camera section turned on (VCR STOP). In VCR STOP mode, the camcorder retains camera settings such as aperture and shutter speed, so you can adjust the camera section without worrying about the automatic shut-off. The VCR STOP function can also be assigned to a custom key.

Press the <MENU> button to open the menu and select [VCR SETUP]. Select [POWER SAVE], select a setting option and close the menu.

  • When set to [SHUT OFF]: To turn the camcorder on, press the <STANDBY> button or set the <POWER> dial to <OFF> and then back to a recording program.
  • When set to [VCR STOP]: To start recording, press the start/stop button. To go into record pause mode, use the custom key.



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