Using the Intervalometer PowerShot G6

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Using the Intervalometer PowerShot G6


Shooting Images at Set Intervals (Intervalometer)

This function is only available in the P, Tv, Av, and M modes.

You can shoot images at a set interval. This function can be used for fixed-point observation of plants and blooming flowers or other events that occur over a period of time. The shooting interval time can be set from 1 to 60 minutes and 2 to 100 images can be shot.

Since the camera may shoot continuously for an extended period of time, the use of the Compact Power Adapter CA-560 (sold separately) is recommended.
  1. Select [Intervalometer] from the [ (Rec.)] menu and press the <SET> button.

  2. Select an interval time using the or arrow. If you press the or arrow continuously, the interval time changes in units of 5 minutes at a time.

  3. Press the arrow on the omni selector, then select the number of shots using the or arrow.

    • If you press the or arrow continuously, the number of shots changes in units of 5 shots at a time.
    • The maximum number of shots* is determined according to the CF card's remaining capacity.

      * In some cases, the actual maximum number of shots may be fewer than the displayed number.

  4. Press the <SET> button. The camera exits the menu screen and Int. appears in the LCD monitor. Int also appears on the display panel.

  5. Press the shutter button.

    • The first image is shot and the interval shooting session starts.
    • Once the set number of shots is taken the camera automatically powers down regardless of the power saving function settings.
    • If the below operations are accessed while the interval shooting is in process, the interval shooting session will be canceled:
      • Turning the mode dial while the camera is waiting to shoot the next image.
      • Pressing the shutter button halfway while the camera is waiting to shoot the next image.
      • Opening the CF card slot cover or the battery cover.
      • Switching to Playback mode
      • Turning off the power

  • Once the interval shooting session is started, all operation buttons become inactive.
  • The lens stays extended until the next image is shot.
  • Images are not displayed on the LCD monitor right after being shot.
  • Interval shooting is not available when the date and time are not set.
  • Continuous Shooting, AEB mode and Focus-BKT mode are not available.
  • The self-timer can only be used for the first shot in the series.



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