How to adjust the optical and digital zoom on the GL2.

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How to adjust the optical and digital zoom on the GL2.


This camcorder is equipped with 20x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom. Optical zoom and digital zoom can be operated from either the side grip, the camcorder handle or the wireless controller.

  • Digital zoom cannot be used in CARD CAMERA mode.

20x Optical Zoom

Press the zoom control towards W to zoom out to wide-angle.

Press it towards T to zoom in to telephoto.

  • The speed of the zoom controls on the camcorder can be changed in the CAMERA SET UP submenu (grip zoom: variable, low, medium and fast; handle zoom: low, medium and fast).

  • The speed of the zoom control of the wireless controller cannot be adjusted.

40x/100x Digital Zoom

The digital zoom magnifies the camcorder' s zoom range by up to 5 times.

To change the digital zoom, open the menu and select CAM.SET UP. Then select DIGITAL ZOOM, set it to 40x or 100x and close the menu.

The zoom control continues to work as usual. You can freely zoom in and out between 1x and 40x or 1x and 100x magnification the camcorder automatically switches between optical zooming (up to 20x) and digital zooming (20x to 100x).


  • When zooming, as a rule, keep at least 3 ft 3 3/8 in (1m) between you and your subject. However when the zoom is at the wide-angle position, you can focus on a subject as close as 3/8 in (1 cm).

  • Image resolution decreases the further you zoom towards 100x in digital zoom range.

  • When the digital zoom is set to 40x, the zoom indicator extends (light blue). When the digital zoom is set to 100x zoom, the zoom indicator extends again (a darker blue).



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