How to load and remove a cassette from the GL2.

Article ID: ART161117 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


How to load and remove a cassette from the GL2.


Use only videocassettes marked with the DV logo.*

* logo is a trademark.

  1. Attach a power source.

  2. Slide the OPEN/EJECT button and release the cassette compartment cover.

    • Wait for the cassette compartment to open automatically.

    • The confirmation beep sounds when it is fully opened.

  3. Load or unload the cassette.

    • Insert the cassette gently with the window facing outward.

    • Remove the cassette by pulling it straight out.

  4. Press the on the compartment until it clicks.

  5. Click the cover back into place.


  • Do not interfere with the cassette compartment while it is opening or closing, or attempt to close the cover.

  • Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the cassette compartment cover.

  • Do not leave the cassette in the camcorder after use, return it to its case and store it in a cool, clean, dry place.

  • When no cassette is loaded, flashes in the display.

  • With some types of tapes, the remaining tape display may not give an accurate reading.



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