Contact local phone company to check the telephone wall jack for low ring voltage.

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Answering devices like a fax or answering machine require ring voltage (provided by the telephone company) to answer a call.


Ring-in Voltage

Facsimile equipment (fax machines), like other telephone answering devices, require ring voltage at a telephone jack to answer automatically. The ring voltage is one of the services provided by the local phone company.

  • Low ring-in voltage can cause short bursts of ring tones at the phone jack.
  • Callers may hear one or two ring back tones and then ringing will stop and nothing else will be heard.
  • Inside the home, the called party will hear a brief ring and then nothing else will be heard. If the telephone handset is lifted, the caller may be on the other end.

To check if the fax will not answer due to low ring-in voltage, do the following:

  1. Disconnect the fax at the telephone wall jack.

  2. If an answering machine is available, connect it directly to the telephone jack. If an answering machine is not available, connect a telephone to the telephone jack.

  3. Dial the fax line and see if the answering machine answers the call, listen for uncommon ring tones inside the home or check for similar symptoms as described above. If any of the above symptoms occur, please contact your local telephone company.



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