How to use AE shift on the GL2.

Article ID: ART161170 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


How to use AE shift on the GL2.


By controlling the level of the automatic exposure (AE) function, you can lighten or darken the image slightly. This allows you to compensate for backlit, overexposed scenes.

  1. Set the recording program to Auto, Tv or Av.

  2. Open the menu and select AE SHIFT.

  3. Pull the SELECT dial up or down and select the desired level.

    • Levels are from 2 to +2, in 0.25 intervals (excluding 1.75 and +1.75).

    • The higher the setting, the brighter the image.

  4. Close the menu.


  • AE shift cannot be operated in the Easy, Manual, Sand & Snow or Spotlight recording programs.



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