Manual Sending

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Manual Sending


Use manual sending when you want to talk to the recipient before sending a document, or if the recipient does not have a fax machine that can receive automatically.

1. Connect a telephone to the machine if you want to talk to the recipient before sending a document.

For details on how to connect a telephone to the machine, see "Connect the telephone cable," in the Set-Up Instructions for the Machine (for MF5770 users) or Set-Up Instructions (for MF5750/MF5730 users).

2. Load the document in the ADF press [FAX].

For details on the types of documents you can fax, their requirements, and how to load documents, see Chapter 3, "Document Handling," in the Basic Guide.

3. Adjust any necessary settings for your document.

" Press [Image Quality] to select the fax resolution. (See "Adjusting the Image Quality (Fax Resolution)," on p. 4-5.)

" Press [Exposure] to select the scan density. (See "Adjusting the Exposure (Scan Density)," on p. 4-5.)

4. Press [Hook] or pick up the handset of your telephone.

5. Dial the recipient's fax/telephone number.

For details on the different dialing methods, see "Dialing Methods," on p. 4-7.

6. Talk through the handset to the recipient.

If you press [Hook] in step 4, you can pick up the handset when you hear the recipient' voice.

If you hear a high-pitched signal instead of the recipient's voice, go to step 8.

7. Ask the recipient to set his fax machine to receive faxes.

8. When you hear a high-pitched signal, press [Start]  hang up the handset.


" To cancel manual sending, press [Status Monitor]. (See Chapter 7, "System Monitor," in the Basic Guide.)

" If the offhook alarm starts beeping, make sure that the handset is resting properly on the handset cradle. The offhook alarm can be turned off.

You cannot use group dialing for manual sending.



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