Print Using Only Black Ink With OS X

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Learn how to print from OS X® using black ink only.


 When you print using the grayscale option, the printer will continue to access the color ink tanks. For that reason, you may wish to print using only the black ink tank.
Note If you choose to print in black only, the print quality of photographs and graphics will be sacrificed.
Note If your printer uses only an AirPrint® driver, or a CUPS driver, see the instructions below.
Note Even if you only want to print using only the black ink tank, all ink tanks for your printer must be installed. If an ink tank is missing, you will not be able to print.
Note If you have an empty ink tank in your printer, press and hold the Resume / Cancel button (for some models, you'll press and hold the Stop button) for 5 seconds, then release it. The printer will stop monitoring the empty ink tank(s). However, you'll need to replace the ink tank(s) in your printer soon to ensure that print quality remains high.
Note Please be advised that Canon shall not be liable for any malfunction or trouble caused by continuation of printing with empty or refilled ink tanks.

Print using black ink only

  1. Select File, then Print from your printer application to open the print dialog box.

  2. Select Quality & Media settings from the drop-down.

    Quality & Media selected from the drop-down

  3. Select Plain Paper as the Media Type.
    Note Print quality will vary unless plain paper is used.

    Plain paper selected from the Media Type drop-down
  4. Select the checkbox for Grayscale Printing.

    Grayscale printing checkbox selected near bottom of Print screen

  5. Select Printing a composite document from the Print Mode.
     Note Even with these settings, some color ink will still be used for print head maintenance.

Printers using only AirPrint drivers

  • The location of the option to use black ink only varies with the printer model and program used.

  • For Printers with AirPrint drivers (such as the PIXMA TR8520), the option is Black & White found next to the number of copies.

    Black & white selected next to the number of copies

Printers using CUPS drivers

  • For printers that have CUPS drivers (such as the PIXMA iP2702), select Grayscale Printing located under Quality & Media.

    Grayscale printing selected under Quality & Media

Tip Some programs, such as Safari, changed the print options for CUPS printer drivers after macOS v. 10.12.4. To use Grayscale printing with these programs, it is recommended that you create a preset from another program where all printing options are available (such as Firefox). You can then use that preset each time you print from your Mac®.



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