Use the Printer's Status Monitor to Track Print Jobs - Windows

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If you display the Status Monitor, you can track the progress of print jobs, see errors when they occur, find out if ink is running low, and learn how to fix problems.


The Status Monitor automatically displays in the Windows taskbar when you start a print job. You can also launch the Status Monitor at any other time by following the steps below.

Note The screen display differs depending on your printer driver and your version of Windows.

IJ / BJ Status screen

Launch the Status Monitor

  1. Open the Printer Properties or Printing Preferences dialog box for your operating system by holding down the Windows  key and pressing R. In the Run box, type control printers and select OK.

    Right-click on the listing for your printer, and select Printer Properties or Printing Preferences from the menu

    Note For Windows XP or Vista, select Properties from the menu.

  2. In the Printer Properties or Printing Preferences dialog box, on the Maintenance tab, select Start Status Monitor.

The status of the machine and ink displays in pictures and messages. During printing, the status shows print progress. If an error occurs, the Monitor displays the details and tells you how to fix it.

Status Monitor Settings

Title bar
The name of the machine and the port the machine uses displays. (If you change the name of the machine, the new name will appear.)

Top (messages)
The status of the machine displays here. If a warning or error appears, take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

Bottom left (ink information)
The ink tanks displays as a picture. Icons indicate if:

  • Ink is low. Low ink icon

  • Ink is out.  

Bottom right
The name of the document, the number of the pages, and print progress display.

Option menu
When selected, the following options are available:

  • Enable Status Monitor - The Monitor starts only if a message related to the machine generates.

  • Always Display Current Job - The Monitor always displays during printing.

  • Always Display on Top - The Monitor always displays on top of other windows.

  • Display Guide Message - When printing on envelopes, a message window will appear showing how to load envelopes into the printer.

  • Display Warning Automatically When the Low Ink Warning Occurs - If there is a low-ink warning, the Monitor will open and display on top of other windows.

  • Start when Windows is Started - The Monitor starts when Windows starts.

Cancel print
The Cancel Printing button is only active during printing a job. Select it to stop printing.

Display print jobs list
Select Display Print Queue to see a list of jobs currently printing or waiting in the print queue. You can pause or cancel print jobs.

Print list display screen



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