Reseat the print head i900D / iP6000D

Article ID: ART161293 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Reseat the print head


Reseat the print head

  1. Confirm that the printer is powered on.

  2.  Open the paper output tray and top cover. 

    Note:   Gently open the paper output tray while holding it.

  3.  After confirming that the print head holder has moved to the center, open the inner cover.

  4.  Remove all ink tanks.

  5. Raise the print head lock lever and remove the print head.

  6. Re-seat the print head into the print head holder and lower the print head lock lever until a click is heard.

  7. Insert the appropriate ink tank into the slot at the right end and push down on the PUSH mark on top of the ink tank until a click is heard.  Install the other ink tanks in the same manner.

  8. Close the inner cover and top cover.  

    Note:  Check that each ink tank is installed in the correct position. 

    Properly installed:

    Improperly installed:

    Left Image:   The M ink tank is not fully seated.
    Right Image:  All ink tanks are not fully seated.



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