List of Functions Available in ImageBrowser 6.7-6.8 / CameraWindow 8.4-8.6

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List of Functions Available in ImageBrowser 6.7-6.8 / CameraWindow 8.4-8.6


The [ImageBrowser] and [CameraWindow] functions are introduced below.

ImageBrowser Functions

<Control Panel Functions>
Function NamesDescription of Function
Canon CameraWhen a Camera is ConnectedConnects to the camera to open CameraWindow (menu screen), and use [CameraWindow] functions.
When a Memory Card Reader is ConnectedTransfers images from a memory card. You can also select images on the memory card and print them.
View ImageDisplays the selected image or movie in the Viewer Window.
SlideShowStarts a slide show of the selected images. Click the [View] menu and select [Slide Show Options] to set the slide show settings.
(Supported regions only)
Register/ Add ProductConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and opens the registration page.
Top PageConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and goes to the top of the page.
Upload ImagesConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and uploads images.
View Online Photo AlbumConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and displays albums created.
Download My Camera ContentsConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and downloads images and sounds for use with My Camera Settings.
Print & SharePhoto PrintPrints one image per page. You can print "photos" easily.
Index PrintLines up small versions of the images in rows and prints.
Layout PrintAllows you to freely arrange multiple images on a single page and print.
You can also insert captions and titles.
Create Image for EmailConverts the selected images to the appropriate size for transmission by e-mail. You can also use it to automatically start an e-mail program after conversion.
Send to TrashSends the selected images or folders to the Trash.

<Functions Selected from Menus>
Function NamesMenuDescription of Function
Search ImagesSearchSearches for images based on such criteria as Ratings, dates, keywords or comments.
Export ImagesEdit and Save ImageAllows you to change the file type or size and export the file.
Export Shooting PropertiesAllows you to export the shooting properties as a text file.
Export as a ScreensaverExports the image as a screen saver file.
Export an Image as WallpaperExports the image as a wallpaper file.
Organize ImagesSort ImagesSort images according to criteria such as the shooting date or Rating and saves them into a specified folder.
RenameChanges the files names of multiple images in a single pass.
Convert RAW ImagesProcess RAW Images by Digital Photo ProfessionalConverts RAW images into JPEG or TIFF images. You can adjust the image brightness, contrast and color balance among other attributes during conversion.
([Digital Photo Professional] must be installed.)
Writing to Memory CardRewrite Image to Memory CardTransfers images from the computer to the memory card.
Merge PanoramasPhotoStitchMerges multiple images and creates a single large panoramic image .
([PhotoStitch] must be installed.)
Edit MovieMovie EditEdits movies or still images strung together. You can add text as titles, or background music, and apply various effects.
Extract frames from a movieExtract frames from a movieExtracts still images from movies over a specified interval and saves them as image files.
Display SettingsView SettingsHides or shows image information beneath the thumbnail, such as the file name or the shooting date and time.
Sort ImagesSortArranges image order in the Browser Area according to criteria such as the filename, file modification date, file size or shooting date.
View on mapView on mapUses an image's GPS information to display the shooting location or image on a map.
([Map Utility] must be installed.)

CameraWindow Functions

Function NamesDescription of Function
Import Images from CameraImport Untransferred ImagesOnly transfers images from the camera that have not yet been transferred.
Select Images to ImportOnly transfers chosen images from the camera.
Import All ImagesTransfers all images from the camera.
Organize Images on CameraOrganize ImagesProtect, rotate, and delete images on the camera. Also transfers images back to the camera from your computer.
Camera SettingsSet Start-up ImageSets the camera start-up screen.
Set SoundsSets camera sound effects (start-up sound, shutter sound, operation sounds, self-timer sound).
Set ThemeSets the camera start-up screen and sound effects in My Camera Settings.
Preferences.General (General/ Connected Camera)Sets the camera owner name, and start-up screen when CameraWindow starts.
Import (Auto Import/ Folder Settings/ After Import)Sets the automatic transfer settings and destination folder.

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