List of Functions Available in ImageBrowser EX 1.1.0 (or later)
Article ID: ART161424 | Date published: 08/04/2015 | Date last updated: 11/16/2015


List of Functions Available in ImageBrowser EX 1.1.0 (or later)


The [ImageBrowser EX] functions are introduced below.

ImageBrowser EX Functions

Task Button NamesDescription of Function
Import/Camera SettingsConnect to CameraConnects to the camera to open CameraWindow (menu screen), and use CameraWindow functions.
Acquire Images from Memory CardTransfers images from a memory card. You can also select images on the memory card and print them.
Transfer Images to Memory CardTransfers images from the computer to a memory card.
Slideshow-Slideshows display multiple images at full screen, one after another.
EditCorrecting Red-EyeRestore natural eye color as follows if eyes appear red from the flash firing.
Auto CorrectAutomatically adjusts image color tone and brightness.
Adjust Color and BrightnessAdjust image color tone and brightness using a variety of methods.
Increase SharpnessMake images appear sharper by emphasizing the outlines of people and other subjects.
Crop ImageCrop images to remove unwanted outer portions and leave the desired area.
Insert TextAdd text to images as follows.
Stitch PhotosCreate wide panoramic images from a series of shots taken while moving the camera slightly before each shot.
([PhotoStitch] must be installed.)
Edit MoviesTrim movies, combine movies and still images to create an original movie, or edit movies in other ways as follows. You can also add titles or other text, background music, and a variety of special effects.
Extract Multiple Images from MovieFavorite scenes in movies can be saved separately as still images.
PrintPrint ImagesPrint individual images on single sheets of paper as follows.
Print Contact SheetPrint rows of images as follows.
ShareAttach to EmailImages can be sent as email attachments.
CANON iMAGE GATEWAYUpload imagesConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and uploads images.
View Online Photo AlbumConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and displays albums created.
Top PageConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and goes to the top of the page.
Register/Add ProductConnects to [CANON iMAGE GATEWAY] and opens the registration page.
Map-Uses an image's GPS information to display the shooting location or image on a map. (Only available with GPS-compatible cameras.)