here are red circles in captured images

Article ID: ART161518 | Date published: 08/04/2015 | Date last updated: 09/11/2018


here are red circles in captured images



When using a flash for shooting in snowy outdoors, or environments where there are many floating particles and fluffy dust in the air, red circles may appear in captured images.



The light emitted from the flash reflects on the dust and particles in the air that are in front of the subject, and that light gets captured by the camera, which results in white circles in images.



Particles floating in the air (dust, dirt, etc.)
Flash light that reflects on dust and dirt



To prevent this, it is best to capture images in environments with no floating particles, but if that is not possible, the following measures are effective.
- Brighten the surroundings so that a flash is not required.
- For models with the zoom function, shoot at the tele-end.
- For models that can be used with Speedlite flashes, use a Speedlite flash and distance the lens from the flash when shooting.
  • When a flash is not used, the shutter speed decreases, so be careful of camera shake. Keep your arms tight against your body while holding the camera by the sides or use a tripod.




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