Selecting an AF frame before shooting (EOS REBEL T6i / EOS 750D)

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Selecting an AF frame before shooting (EOS REBEL T6i / EOS 750D)


19 AF points are provided for autofocusing. You can select the AF area selection mode and AF point(s) suiting the scene or subject.

AF Area Selection Mode

You can select one of three AF area selection modes.

1. Set the cameras power switch to [ON].

2. Set the lenss focus mode switch to [AF].

3. Set the mode dial to one of the Creative Zone modes indicated in the image below.

4. Look through the viewfinder and press the [ ]or [ ] button.

5. Press the [ ] button.

  • Each time you press the [ ] button, the AF area selection mode changes.
  • The AF area selection mode currently set is indicated on the top of the viewfinder.

AF area selection modeExplanation
Single-point AF (Manual selection)Select one AF point to focus.
Zone AF (Manual selection of zone)The 19 AF points are divided into five zones for focusing.
19-point automatic selection AFAll the AF points are used to focus. This mode is set automatically in Basic Zone modes (except [ ]).

Under [ : Custom Functions (C.Fn)], if you set [5: AF area selection method] to [1: Main Dial], you can select the AF area selection mode by pressing the [ ] or [ ] button, then turning the [ ] dial.

Selecting the AF Point Manually

You can manually select the AF point or zone. If 19-point automatic selection AF + AI Servo AF has been set, you can select any position where AI Servo AF is to start.

1. Press the [ ]or [ ] button. The AF points will be displayed in the viewfinder.
In the Zone AF mode, the selected zone will be displayed.

2. Select an AF point.
  • You can select an AF point by shifting horizontally with the [ ] dial or vertically with the [ ] dial while holding down the [ ] button.
  • If you press [ ], the center AF point (or center zone) will be selected.
  • In the Zone AF mode, turning the [ ] dial will change the zone in a looping sequence.

  • You can also select an AF point or zone by shifting horizontally with the [ ], [ ] keys or vertically with the [ ], [ ] keys.

  • When you press the [ ] or [ ] button, the LCD panel displays the following:
- 19-point automatic selection AF and Zone AF (manual selection of zone): AF
- 1 pt AF (Manual selection): SEL (Center)/SEL AF (Off center)



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